Virtual CFO Services

We’re business people, not just numbers people

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You’re looking for guidance to steer your business in the right direction, but can't find the advice you need
  • You’ve been to your Tax Accountant, but they just keep telling you about your obligations and can’t really help with your vision for the future
  • You’ve engaged the services of a Business Coach and you’re getting excited about where you could be but you just can’t seem to find the roadmap to get there
  • You want to level up your business with new products and services and expand your team but you can’t visualise what that looks like financially or strategically
  • You’ve experienced rapid growth and your sales numbers far exceed the amount of documentation and processes in place to run your business
  • Your pay is a complete after-thought instead of a well-considered business expense
  • Business is going well but you’ve veered off course from “why” you started your business and you’re no longer clear on your vision and goals
  • You feel like you’re working round the clock and the freedom you wanted from starting your own business eludes you because you are never sure on the next steps
  • Your hard work and your stress levels just don’t seem to be reflected in your bank account
If you’re nodding your head then you might be ready to work with a vCFO!
How can a vCFO help your business?

In the corporate world, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior executive responsible for managing the financial matters of an organisation. They play a crucial role in strategic decision-making, financial planning, and ensuring the financial health of the company.

Outside of the corporate world you’re left to navigate your own path, relying on occasional advice from professionals that are usually not speaking your language!

This is where having a virtual CFO on your bench to call upon whenever you need them could really benefit you. 

A virtual CFO (vCFO) is a way for small business owners to get CFO support that they wouldn’t have been able to access or afford previously.

Having a vCFO on your team is like having an accountant, business coach and strategist all wrapped up in one!

Introducing our Advisors;

Marlaina Young
Before Marlaina founded Fuel Business Consulting, she spent over 10 years in corporate accounting as a Financial & Management Accountant and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for several ASX listed public companies. During this time she managed multi-million dollar budgets, financial forecasts for the purpose of raising funds from investors and built up her skills in Management Reporting and understanding business strategy by working with Boards of Directors. She is passionate about bringing these skills to small business owners to help them thrive rather than just survive in business.

Martyn Young
Partner in life and now partner in business to Marlaina, Martyn has spent the past 15 years working in the construction industry as a pricing specialist and a margin analyst for the biggest home building groups in Australia, with the margin analyst role becoming a step out role for him and allowing him to be a big picture thinker. He’s a born numbers man and an Excel spreadsheet guru and he’s now taking the role of Business Advisor with Fuel Business Consulting.

After having worked on Fuel for the past 5 years and consulting each other to create the successful bookkeeping business it is today, it was a no-brainer to make the decision to collaborate to level up and bring these much-needed vCFO services to the small business community.


We all know the importance of a budget, but there’s something about that word that evokes feelings of restriction, limitation, holding you back, and that’s not what we want for your business.

So we’re flipping the script!

We want to work with you to create a consciously thought-out Financial Road Map for your next 12 months in business, help you feel re-aligned with your vision, empowered to understand your numbers and energised to take action.

What you’ll get when you engage us to create Your Financial Road Map;

  • A 90 minute Zoom session to deep dive into your business – we’ll get to know you, your business, clarify your goals, identify your current issues and challenges.
  • A tailored 12-month financial road map outlining your predicted revenue, expenses and profit on a month-by-month basis with detailed assumptions from our discussion – this can be built into your Xero data file.
  • A CEO Dashboard – consider this your mini Business Plan summarising your vision and goals for the year ahead with important KPI’s tailored to your business.
Let’s not forget about the accountability…

It’s all well and good to create a road map for your business success but we’re not the type of advisors to just let you set it and forget it, which is why we’re here to help keep you accountable throughout the next 12 months.

Once Your Financial Road Map is created, catch up with us at the end of each quarter for a 45 minute Zoom session to review your actual results for the period against your predicted results. We’ll hash out what’s on track and what’s not and be and a sounding board for anything that’s coming up in your business.
Other ways that we can help you:

BUSINESS STRATEGY – one off sessions and projects

We’re available to discuss any issues or challenges coming up for you in your business - here’s just an example of what we can help with;

  • You’re not sure that you’re pricing your products or services correctly and you need help understanding your margins – let us help you with your Pricing Strategy
  • You’ve been building in sales numbers and size but your profits just aren’t where you wanted them to be – let us keep you on track with ongoing Margin Analytics
  • You might have several different applications in your business that individually give you great data (think CRM’s, eCommerce, inventory, online payments, booking platforms, task management etc), but you wish there was a way to bring all that information together in one place so you could have a snapshot of your business performance with both financial and non-financial KPI’s – let us help you create a customised CEO Dashboard
  • Your financial reports are telling you you’re making a profit but your bank balance disagrees – let us help you with Cash Flow Planning
  • You feel like there’s been some significant changes in your business or it’s time to review your goals – let us help you update (or create) your Business Plan
  • Something else keeping you up at night? Reach out to see if we can help!
We're offering 60 minute Zoom Consulting Sessions to discuss your needs and we'll provide you with a tailored Post Session Report summarising the discussion, issues identified and potential solutions and next steps.
Ready to get started with us to get visibility and clarity around your numbers and take your business to the next level?


Or contact us to arrange a complimentary 15-minute discovery session to chat about your specific needs and our vCFO consulting services.

We look forward to helping you navigate the road to business success!

Please note:
Our signature service  is designed for businesses that have been operating for at least 12 months and utilise Xero as their accounting software.
It is assumed your bookkeeping data is up to date; if clean-up or catch-up work is required this will be discussed and quoted separately.